Taniya Fish Feed Parsulidih Patan Road Bharengabhatha C.G.

Address:-Seema Kaushik Farm House,Parsulidih, Patan Road, Bharengabhatha, Chhattisgarh 493661

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                 Pradeep Kaushik 08120081110

About Fish Feed
Best Extruded Floating Nutritionally Balanced Feed for Healthy Fish, Higher Profits

We produce The Best-in-class Extruded Floating Fish Feed At Our state-of-the-art plants using the best ingredients. Sold under the  brand, the nutritious fish feed imparts good health, improves immunity and entails the best FCR. Creating high fish density and reducing the culture period, the feed derives high Returns on Investment for farmers and healthy fish for consumers. Due to the floating nature of the feed, 100% of the feed is consumed to Minimize Pond Pollution.

Fish Feed Products
A Dynamic Portfolio of Protein Rich Fish Feed for: Faster Growth, Best FCR, Reduced Pond Pollution, Higher Profits